I like to tweet random things (follow me @MrEpid), but for those who don’t use Twitter, here are some interesting posts I’ve come across this past week:

  • The video above is an ad for the movie Contagion, now in theatres. The Epidemiology department at my university is going this Sunday at 7pm. So if you want to watch a movie about epidemiology with real life epidemiologists, come on by!
  • The CDC writes a blog post about Contagion, and how they would deal with a real life outbreak.
  • Scientific American comments about how the movie is grounded in fact – including teaching Gwyneth Paltrow how to pipette!
  • In more scientific news, Dr Arya Sharma reviews a paper recently published in the Lancet about the effectiveness of Weight Watchers, and if we should outsource weight-loss efforts to them. NPR also comments on the article

Have a great weekend everybody!