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July 2012

No New Posts For A While

This was my arm after the accident. I’m sure these are the technical terms the Ortho and ER staff use to describe such injuries.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that last week, I was in a biking accident on my way to work. While avoiding a pedestrian, I hit the curb and fell off my bike, resulting in me breaking both the radius and ulna in my left arm. I’m going to try and work around it, but there likely won’t be any new posts in the next little while as I deal with the monster cast I have on and then rehab.

I was very fortunate to make it out with just the one injury to my arm and some road rash. Luckily, because I was wearing my bike helmet, I was saved from any major head injury. So, in short:

Please, please, please, if you’re riding a bike, wear a helmet.

I’ve literally biked this route every day from March – October every year that I’ve been in Kingston. If I wasn’t wearing my helmet, I don’t know if I’d be writing this message to you today.

Special thanks to the paramedics and all the wonderful doctors, nurses and PCAs at the Kingston General Hospital who helped put me back together. You guys are awesome 🙂

New Post On Gradifying: Favourite Dessert Places in Kingston

So last time I talked about my favourite places to hang out in Kingston. Given the heatwave that has swept across the country this month, I thought I’d shift gears slightly and talk about my favourite places to grab ice cream and other cold treats.

Kingston’s restaurant industry moves in waves. When I started my Masters, there was a sushi place opening on every block. When I started my PhD, it was poutine and burgers. Now, Kingston is in the middle of an ice cream and froyo explosion.

So let’s begin.

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Interesting reads: July 14th – July 20th, 2012

I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

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Useful Utilities: SimpleNote

Useful Utilities is a series where Mr Epidemiology outlines software he finds helpful and feels that students would benefit from knowing. Today, he’ll be talking about Simplenote, which is online note taking software.

I’ve found in my Grad School career that I often have ideas that hit me at random points. I’ll be walking down the street and suddenly think “Wait! The validity of that tool is questionable! I must research this!” or “Wait! Do I have milk!” and other matters of national security and life altering importance.

Pictured: The old fashioned way of writing notes (click pic to go to Moleskine site)

While a more traditional (archaic) approach involving paper and pencil might be preferred by some, I like my gadgets. I also find that many a notebook has fallen prey to the evil forces of leaky coffee mugs. And let’s fact it, notebooks aren’t much good when they’re soaked through. Even if you wrap your notebooks in a ziplock bag to keep them dry, if you forget it at home, you’re stuck.

When looking for a note-taking app, I wanted something that was: 1) available to me on my desktop, iPhone and iPad, 2) simple and clean and 3) free.

Enter Simplenote!

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Interesting reads: July 7th – July 13th, 2012

Stanley Cup Summed Up from Bard Edlund on Vimeo.

I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

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Interesting reads: June 30th – July 6th, 2012

I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

  • The link above is from the San Francisco Big Bay Boom fireworks. A computer glitch resulted in all of the fireworks going off together – 20 minutes worth exploding in 15 seconds. For another view, click here.
  • Scott Gavura over at Science Based Medicine takes on Dr Oz. When Dr Oz claimed that coffee beans can lead to weight loss, Scott reviewed the evidence. One of these men followed the scientific method. The other is the Vice Chair of Surgery at Columbia University.
  • Oscar Pistorius became the first amputee athlete to compete at the Olympics! Way to go Oscar!
  • Of course, this isn’t without controversy – do his artificial limbs give him a competitive advantage?
  • Do you remember the game Centipede? Did you know it was coded by one of the first female programmers in the business? I had no idea, but here’s a cool interview with her and her experiences of working in a male-dominated profession.
  • Finally, PLoS medicine did a great series on “Big Food.” It’s highly worth the read.

Have a great weekend!


New Post on Gradifying: Favourite Summer Places in Kingston

Downtown Kingston – a beautiful place to wander in the summer (Picture courtesy: Atif Kukaswadia)

Summer is upon us. The undergrads have (mostly) left, and the first swarms of mayflies are gone, which means it’s finally patio weather in Kingston. And what a glorious city for patios it is!

Someone once told me that Kingston has the highest number of restaurants per capita of anywhere in Canada. I don’t know if that’s true, but it definitely seems like it. I’m highlighting my top 5 places below, but there are many, many more and I encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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