I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

  • The link above is from the San Francisco Big Bay Boom fireworks. A computer glitch resulted in all of the fireworks going off together – 20 minutes worth exploding in 15 seconds. For another view, click here.
  • Scott Gavura over at Science Based Medicine takes on Dr Oz. When Dr Oz claimed that coffee beans can lead to weight loss, Scott reviewed the evidence. One of these men followed the scientific method. The other is the Vice Chair of Surgery at Columbia University.
  • Oscar Pistorius became the first amputee athlete to compete at the Olympics! Way to go Oscar!
  • Of course, this isn’t without controversy – do his artificial limbs give him a competitive advantage?
  • Do you remember the game Centipede? Did you know it was coded by one of the first female programmers in the business? I had no idea, but here’s a cool interview with her and her experiences of working in a male-dominated profession.
  • Finally, PLoS medicine did a great series on “Big Food.” It’s highly worth the read.

Have a great weekend!