I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

  • A friend of mine has proposed a social marketing approach for oral rehydration therapy and has applied for funding to make it a reality. If you want to support her application for Grand Challenges Canada, please vote here.
  • This is an ethical quandary. Darcy Doherty has a cancer, and wants to be treated with an experimental drug. However, because it is experimental, the company doesn’t know the side effects and ramifications of giving it to him and so won’t give him the medication. However, he feels he has nothing to lose. If, after you read it you want to support Darcy’s cause, there’s a petition available here. Thanks Michelle D. for the link!
  • Why are women not pursuing academic careers? Thanks to Kathleen for the link!
  • Is Facebook making us lonely? (warning: long read)
  • Finally, a heartwarming story about how some Queen’s students raised money to support a Special Olympics athlete

Have a great weekend!