Post 100! Similar to this one, but with less spandex!

Today, I’m thrilled put up my 100th post. I’m unbelievably excited right now.

I started the blog back in June of 2011, with the intention of using it as a way to talk about epidemiology and my experience in graduate school. What I wasn’t anticipating is the reception I’ve got. The support from you all on Facebook, Twitter and by email has been awesome. Every time you email a friend one of my pieces, retweet it, post it on Facebook, Pin it, you make this possible.

Special thanks to all the people who have been sent drafts of articles and have provided feedback and advice on posts. You guys have been a phenomenal sounding board for me, and I owe you a special debt of thanks (thanks can be redeemed for hugs and/or fist bumps, and hold no cash value).

I hope I can continue to provide you with great articles and keep things interesting. I’ve got some big plans for the blog, and with your support hope to make them a reality.

Thank you.