I like to tweet interesting stories and articles during the week (follow me @MrEpid); if you follow me you might have seen these links already:

  • The 2012 Canadian Obesity Student Meeting, to be held in Edmonton, AB is now accepting abstracts! You should come!
  • The above video is unrelated to obesity and epidemiology. I just find it hilarious.
  • Do you find a toque leaves your face uncomfortably cold in the winter? Get a beardhead and never have a cold chin again!
  • This is awesome: The Monty Hall problem is a common example used to mess with students and explain how there are lies, damned lies and statistics. The BayesianBiologist modeled the Monty Hall problem in R, showing how it works. The code is included.
  • In Epi news, there’s a great map available here of John Snow‘s original cholera outbreak.
  • In preparation for Valentine’s Day, there was an amusing hashtag going around on Twitter: #healthpolicyvalentines
Have a great weekend!