This was taken at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It's beautiful out here.

I’ve spent the last week at the Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference, in beautiful British Columbia (see pic above). I’ll be posting my thoughts and some interesting pieces from the conference when I get back to Kingston.

I like to tweet random things (follow me @MrEpid), but for those who don’t use Twitter, here are some interesting posts I’ve come across this past week:

  • Every so often I read a post that leaves me speechless. This post by Stimey, where she talks about her son with Autism’s experience in grade 3, is one of them
  • Movember is going well! If you would like to donate, please check out my Mospace. In the spirit of the month, here is a highly appropriate song (big thanks to Greg for the link!)
  • A very interesting piece in the Globe and Mail entitled “I have a love-hate relationship with photographs
  • For those of you who enjoy Starbucks, they just launched their “Cup Magic” app, which is an augmented reality app that you can use with their new Christmas cups!
  • We’re wrapping up the 9th Annual Bullying Awareness Week. A Masters student at Carleton University (my alma mater) talks about her experience doing research in this area.
  • On that same note, Majic100, a radio station in Ottawa, recently started their own anti-bullying campaign – you can check out the video they used below. I’m not sure about the science behind what they’re doing (if they’re using an existing program, how they’re evaluating effectiveness etc), so if you have any information on that, please send it my way. That being said, I did the ad quite powerful and I’m glad that they aren’t just sitting by idly. What do you think?

Have a great weekend everybody! Check back Monday for the next part of the blog roundtable!