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July 2011

Interesting reads: July 1st – 8th, 2011

I like to tweet random things during the week (follow me @MrEpid), but for those who don’t use Twitter, here are some interesting posts I’ve come across this past week:

  • Fooducate posts 12 disturbing facts about obesity, and proposes 5 actions we can take here
  • Travis Saunders asks if we can trust scientists who deliver TED talks, which I absolutely love, here
  • Researchers at Johns Hopkins look at if we can track public health outbreaks via Twitter here
  • Liveitactive writes a compelling post about balancing work and life to be  happier here
  • Epiren discusses the use of infographics and how we present (and can misrepresent) data here
  • Dr Arya Sharma asks whether it is ever appropriate to laugh at “fat jokes” here

Have a great weekend everybody!


Better Know An Epidemiologist: John Snow

Better Know An Epidemiologist/History of Epidemiology is an ongoing feature where Mr Epidemiology pays tribute to people and studies who have set the stage for his generation of epidemiologists. All of the articles are listed here.

Edit 11/02/11: I added in a link to a Google Map of the cholera outbreak

There have been many breakthroughs made off the blood and sweat of Epidemiologists. They have been at the forefront of eradicating polio, smallpox, reducing deaths from cholera and even detecting thalidomide as a teratogen.

But we will start at the beginning with the first Epidemiologist, John Snow.

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Hello and welcome to Mr Epidemiology! I’ve been hoping to start this blog for a while, inspired by colleagues and friends (a list of whom is on the right).

I’m assuming people have some questions, so I’m going to answer some of the most common ones: Who am I? Why am I doing this? What am I going to do? And finally: Does peanut butter and honey taste nearly as good as peanut butter and jelly?

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